PC Repair / Troubleshooting

PCs need frequent maintenance and updating, especially if connected to the internet. You can ship your machine back to the manufacturer for PC repair but there is a lot of time spent waiting for the receiving and returning of your computer but N.T.C. can be your go to option when you want your PC back in your hands faster.

Wired / Wireless Networking

We offer networking services for home and business. Whether you need a simple network for your home to share printers and Internet access or a robust, fault-tolerant and secure setup for your business, we can help.

Virus / Malware Removal

Viruses, malware, & ad-ware bringing your system to its knees?  We are there to get you back on your feet. We specialize in clean-up, prevention, and education. We want you to know what to look for to help avoid further infections.

Web Design & Hosting

You need a website? We can help. Let’s start now by searching for the domain name you want.

Portfolio of Services

From custom themed PCs to graphic design , Ninja Tech Consulting has more to offer.

Ninja’s Tech News & Tips

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