Lately on Facebook, you might have seen an exciting little news nugget in the corner of your homepage. “Dreamcast 2,” it read, “Sega Reportedly to Release New PC-Console Hybrid.” Well someone showed it to me and I was like……but is it real?

“Dreamcast 2” has been one of the top items on Facebook’s Trending Topics which by the way is kind of annoying at times. Just another way for Facebook to make money I assumed but then I looked more into it and well the semi-new feature has helped spread all sorts of half-truths and incorrect information.

I mean I saw this a day or so ago (image pulled from  another site but did actually see this):


Well it is not totally true (or true at all) so FB users will be disappointment when they find out that this isn’t going to happen. What is actually going on is  there’s a fan club, by a group of Sega fans who launched a petition in an attempt to convince the  publisher to release an HD-supporting limited edition of the Dreamcast. This petition organized by a handful of people including Ben Plato and Patrick Lawson, has a Facebook group called “Dreamcast Revival” with 2,518 members (as of Dec 23rd, 2015).

I guess Lawson was interviews by several websites over the past few days, which has led to incorrect headlines like this site and this one which led to Facebook concluding that Sega “reportedly” plans to release a successor to the Dreamcast. Mind you this is nearly 15 years after leaving the business. Lawson says his group has yet to make contact with Sega but want to hit them up. He apparently is looking for people to help fund an idea for which he and others are looking to start a Kickstarter fund at building the money up. A project that can take millions (maybe 1 million) to fund. I don’t know. So this is really just a group of fans with a goal. There are no real specifics to it really and I’m thinking it may not even be a Dreamcast idea. Lawson was quoted as stating that he was not sure where the Dreamcast 2 idea came from. Bouncing from site to site I can only see alot of speculation and some clarification like on this site here.

The idea though may be called called “Ringedge Zero” after the Ringedge arcade board which should be familiar to some or more. I don’t think Sega will ever re-enter the business given their history. BUT… what would the Facebook Trending Topic looks like if they did?

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