AT&T currently has plans that can be a bit confusing. The question now is whether you want to trade in at 12, 18, or 24 months. How about putting a downpayment and paying monthly for 28 months? Well AT&T knows they mess they made and as of June 9th they will be streamlining their plans to just two choices. One plan, Next Every Year, is for the hardcore upgraders where you can get a new phone every 12 months if you agree to a 2-year plan. The other plan, called Next, lets you upgrade every 2 years if you are willing and able to make payments over 30 months.You can lower the month to month impact by making a down payment or trading in your old phone but this only applies to customers paying on installments who don’t really want to spend extra.  You can do what I suggest and just buy a phone outright or pay it off if you want to upgrade on your own terms. I will add in an option I use which requires patience by waiting a little longer and allow that phone you like to gather some age and hit up sites like Ebay and buy your next upgrade this way.

The plan trimming sounds like a great idea for AT&T if you ask me as most of  the competitors already have simpler plans. Like T-Mobile where they divide you up between a normal 24 month plan or the 12 month Jump On Demand plan which hits you with 18 months of payments.  I always tell people to watch closely what you are being locked into when purchasing your phones and the AT&T Next plan has  30 months of payments which is an eternity in this day of technology where things change every 6 months.