God of War baby! This game just stays being fun to play. The game is about a Spartan warrior, Kratos, who was tricked into killing his wife and daughter by his former master Ares (the God of War). God of War is a really fun hack and slash game that just keeps getting better and now we have a new God of War coming. I this new game Kratos is starting fresh and living as a man away from the shadow of the gods but powerful forces still want to threaten his new life and so he and a companion must survive. The trailer start off with a kid who seems to be Kratos’ son. This one you just have to see for yourself.

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Okay now there was been several Star Trek games out but this one is a VR game that will allow players to go through space as a member of the Federation. The game adds Co-Op play where you and your friends can play as different crew members on the bridge of a Starfleet ship. The game will be playable on different VR platforms including PLayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. To give you a good idea of the game check out the E3 announcement starring LeVar Burton.

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The F bomb applies when referencing this game cause this game is definitely sick if you are the Call of Duty type of player. Check it out. You are a member of the US Elite Special Ops team sent behind enemy lines to take down a cartel. If you have hero dreams of taking down drug dealers. This game will help you live that dream. It takes place in Bolivia, South America and you are up against the vicious Santa Blanca Mexican Cartel who have literally taken over the country. You definitely need to see this video…

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Now if you like Star Wars Battlefront get ready cause this exclusive free add-on to the game will keep you playing longer than you do now. Basically you strap into an X-Wing fighter in VR and get busy against Star destroyers, blockade runners, and Imperial forces.

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