Ninja’s Cool Technology Hunt

There are many many campaigns out there right now on the web with ideas that range from stupid to straight up ninja. So in this post Ninja will go on the hunt for the straight up ninja projects that will catch eyes. I will say though that some may not even be available yet as Ninja’s hunts usually turn up upcoming tech that actually may never be available or just available as latter dates as creators work to improve and get things going.  Hey things fail whether good or evil intentions are involved. I advise anyone though to do research before pulling your wallets out for your next cool gadget. So here it goes….

FlexR – Control Technology With Your Muscles

This technology makes use of electromyography (EMG) — an electrodiagnostic medical technique used for evaluating and recording electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. So what is it being used for? Ever wanted to control your smartphone by flexing your muscles? If not then it is a concept being worked on right now. FlexR,  is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. See the idea here is a small wearable gadget that can be attached to your skin so it can recognize muscle contractions, and translate those signals into inputs for your mobile device. Once hooked up, it allows you to play games while exercising. It is like a Wii Fit or an Xbox Kinect without the large movements like jumping or waving your arms.

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More will be added as Ninja goes out on the hunt so keep checking…