Coming soon to a device near you, Google is releasing a new version of its web browser. Version 56 which will apparently flag any website that collects passwords and other sensitive info as “Not Secure.” We just saw an update shoot down that causes Chrome to default to HTML5 for all sites except a good many still around. This move is frankly part of an effort to make the web safer. An effort that has been effected greatly by sites like Letsencrypt, which is mainly a project aimed to make encrypted connections to WWW servers ubiquitous. See building a website is one step while securing that site is another. A process that came/comes with a pretty high cost. Letsencrypt has created a way for anyone with a website whether they make $0 to infinite dollars to secure information they collect.

Chrome version 56 is the start of a long-term game to mark all HTTP sites as not being secure sites. So since users of Chrome were not taking the notifications serious enough Google will change the notification to a red triangle with expanded text. If anyone wants to try out the new version you can find it in the dev channel. Speaking of which I looked through and I find that this new version will also support Web Bluetooth. Web Bluetooth will allow sites to interact with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices on Android, Chrome OS, and Mac. Starting to sound cool and maybe a little crazy depending on how you look at it. So with a few lines of code your browser will be able connect to printers or even LED displays along with Physical Web Beacons to further open up control of more nearby devices. You are gonna have read more on Physical web. Just click the link but to sum it up it allows use of just about anything. I can already see the issues that can arise with being able to control someone’s house using their browser.

So with this new update we could assume other browsers will follow suit but at this moment I cannot find any mention of this. I am sure though that they will and with this I tell anyone that has a website to start migrating your sites to use HTTPS if you do not already.

Physical Web Beacons