Since Super Mario Run arrived in the App Store in December 2016, users of Android have been waiting  for Nintendo to make a version of the game for other mobile platforms.

While no release date has be revealed, Nintendo has opened up a pre-registration for Super Mario Run on the Google Play store on the evening of December 28th. Like the “Notify” button that appeared in the App Store after the game was announced, the “Pre-register” button on Google Play will allow Android owners the same chance to find out as soon as the game hits the store for Android devices.

When Nintendo showed off Super Mario Run in September, it was not clear if the game would be released on other platforms. The question was later answered with a Nintendo press release saying the game would be available “first” on iOS, which leads into the notion that the game would pop up eventually on Android. I assume with Nintendo’s status the way it is now Windows Phone fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

The release date is still being unknown, it would make sense for some sort of Apple exclusivity to last for a period of time. Who knows…but no such details have been revealed so the game could be out at any time.

The description on Google Play is virtually identically to the one on the App Store, right down to “paying a set purchase price” for the full game. I wonder if Nintendo will be able to keep up with updates on the Android version as any Android Developer knows the Android world has new challenges to face with so many different phones available. We will see…


January 19, 2017

Okay we have some news now on when Nintendo intends to release Super Mario Run for Android which was shorter than I expected. Yesterday evening on Twitter Nintendo made it known. Not much is known currently about how similar it will be to the iOS version or what the in-app purchases will look but I think it can be safely said it will align up closely having a free version with only a few levels to entice you and then boom you will need to kick out about $10 to unlock the full game along with smaller purchases being available for some added glamour.

So you think the news makes the wait any better?   😀



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