There is a growing number of complaints around the web of iPhone paint chipping going on. While this is not a major issue at first glance until you hear a few stories. To start when the iPhone 7 launched, the glossy, Jet Black version could admittedly scratch easily. So now the matte black version (called Black) are suffering from chips in the paint. The owner making the complaints are saying even with use of a case this still happens. I remember this happening with the iPhone 5 when it was released and the problem now with the iPhone 7 so far seems limited. You know with so many iPhones sold especially after the Note 7 debacle (yeah I added that in) the number of complaints so far is rather small in comparison. Or are people just not caring enough to wanna make that big a deal about it?

The issue is being talked about in the Apple Support Forums while I believe the complaint started in Reddit (of course). A lot of sites are giving specifics as to location of the chippings but it really does not matter. If you just buy an iPhone 7 and days to 2 weeks later you find chips, you will not be too happy about it. Especially with the rising costs of cell phones these days. Going through all the clutter it sounds like the chipping affects the larger iPhone model more. The kicker though is Apple response to the issue. Apple has been basically useless in resolving this issue on the affected devices. Reason being is that the insurance you pay for does not cover cosmetic damage/flaws.

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One Owner Posts:

I have been using iPhone 7 Plus Matt Black for about one month with fully covered by a TPU casing and full screen tempered glass most of the time. I just open the casing once a week to wipe the dust off from the phone. Until yesterday when I take off the casing, and notice there is something at the edge of the phone body next to UP Volume button. At first I thought it just the dust. I try to wipe it using microfibre cloth as usual. Until I look closely it is the metal part of the body. It seems that the black anodised paint had been chipped off from the phone body. I am really disappointed with what happen to the phone because I was using it very careful.

I have chat with Apple Customer Support and it is not covered under warranty since it is under cosmetic damage. Seems that the anodised paint quality on iPhone 7 is same as what is on iPhone 5. The iPhone 7 body paint will chipped at anytime regardless you are using it very careful. Just to share with you guys

Some owners are stating that they are very careful with their phones to run into this issue anyways. There have been some that actually took it upon themselves to fix the issue by painting it using acrylic paint from local craft/hobby shops which would only be a sort of workaround until some other location on the phone chips… (wow)

I mean wear and tear on any phone is expected but some owners have even claimed the chipping occurred right after purchasing the phone. As I looked at a chipped iPhone 7 what I see makes me think, “Ooh, an iPhone 6 in disguise.” As I am hit with post after post on this problem I would still call it vague still in how widespread the issue is. Will it ever warrant a response from Apple? Probably not or Apple just gives the same response that they gave during the iPhone 5 days. (I’m just saying.) I do think though that anyone who owns an iPhone 7 or is looking to buy one should keep their eyes ‘peeled’ (pun intended) for this issue. lol


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