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Why pick a Ninja as a logo?

Many who see the word ninja associate it with a killer or assassin. So many business gurus may consider using ninja as not great for most businesses. I have had a few say this.  The black suits, the weapons, & the martial arts. The image of the ninja is rooted more in fiction than fact. Fact is what you know about ninjas is probably wrong or more wrong than right.

Ninja did exist, but they were more about info and disinformation than just assassination. Yeah there were ninja assassins. When you consider human behavior you can assume a chance that some would choose the assassin route. Overall ninja were more like CIA or FBI. Sure they are trained to fight and kill but what percentage of them are actually trained assassins?

As for the uniform of a ninja, it was that…Uniform.  Just as any cop (Samurai were more like cops), CIA, and FBI you will not see them dressed up all the time. Ninja often dressed as regular people like farmers so they could collected information and scout enemies. As for weapons, the weapons most know about like swords and shurikens were used but more commonly everyday tools were used; or, a kusari-gama. This weapon was like ideal. It could be easily dissembled into farmer’s tools. Let’s remember now, the point is to blend in, and nothing would be more suspicious than a person carrying throwing stars?

The idea in Ninja Tech Consulting is to be like that ninja as applied to the tech field. No one is gonna steal or kill anything here at N.T.C.  Ninja were very skilled in their craft and so the goal is to be skilled in our craft, Technology. The ninja tech in this sense uses tools related to technology to solve everyday technological problems.

The Goal?

To blend in with every user, genius, and everyone in between to create positive interactions with positive results.

N.T.C. can assist you with the following:

  • Spyware, Adware & Malware Removal
  • PC and Mac Repair
  • Trojan Removal
  • Virus & Worm Removal
  • Computer Support
  • Registry Cleanup
  • Software Installation
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Fix slow computers
  • Fix Annoying popups
  • Component upgrades in laptops & desktops
  • Network support
  • File & Printer sharing
  • Network security
  • Server Administration
  • Windows Installs
  • Network/Wifi Network & Router Setup
  • Web Design
  • Document Creation
  • Computer & laptop headhunting