Coming soon to a device near you, Google is releasing a new version of its web browser. Version 56 which will apparently flag any website that collects passwords and other sensitive info as “Not Secure.” We just saw an update shoot down that causes Chrome to default to HTML5 for all sites except a good many still around. This move is frankly part of an effort to make the web safer. An effort that has been effected greatly by sites like Letsencrypt, which is mainly a project aimed to make encrypted connections to WWW servers ubiquitous. See building a website is one step while securing that site is another. A process that came/comes with a pretty high cost. Letsencrypt has created a way for anyone with a website whether they make $0 to infinite dollars to secure information they collect.

Chrome version 56 is the start of a long-term game to mark all HTTP sites as not being secure sites. So since users of Chrome were not taking the notifications serious enough Google will change the notification to a red triangle with expanded text. If anyone wants to try out the new version you can find it in the dev channel. Speaking of which I looked through and I find that this new version will also support Web Bluetooth. Web Bluetooth will allow sites to interact with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices on Android, Chrome OS, and Mac. Starting to sound cool and maybe a little crazy depending on how you look at it. So with a few lines of code your browser will be able connect to printers or even LED displays along with Physical Web Beacons to further open up control of more nearby devices. You are gonna have read more on Physical web. Just click the link but to sum it up it allows use of just about anything. I can already see the issues that can arise with being able to control someone’s house using their browser.

So with this new update we could assume other browsers will follow suit but at this moment I cannot find any mention of this. I am sure though that they will and with this I tell anyone that has a website to start migrating your sites to use HTTPS if you do not already.

Physical Web Beacons

Seems there are still a good amount (thousands) of Note 7s out there. Note 7 owners really do not want to get rid of their phones. Even after the previous attempts by companies to urge users to return their device like feature blocking software updates. Oh to be more precise updates to literally kill the phones and stop them from charging. Did they think that would stop all users? A techie person know you can avoid these updates by simply rooting the devices.  You cannot blame them especially since numerous reviews out there say the Note 7 is the best phone despite the occasional 😉  exploding issue. Let’s face it, people are just settling for the next best thing with iPhone 7s and newer LG & HTC handsets being released. How about a new Blackberry with a keyboard?

Well since no one really wants to let go of their cool Note 7s, Verizon has informed Fortune Magazine of its new plan to deal with the (possibly non) issue. Verizon is going to drop people’s accounts (I am saying this way cause it is likely some software setting) into a category that will allow only 911 calls to be made while any other calls made will be directed to customer service so they can urge you to return the phone.  Get this if you don’t return the phone Verizon may even bill you for the full retail cost of the phone. This tactic is sounding like Verizon will literally be placing good standing customers in a negative account status.  Basically if you owe money and don’t pay that bill (under normal circumstances) you will eventually not be able to make calls and your calls will get routed to customer service but still can call 911 if need be.  Are we getting the picture here?  You will probably hear or read this info in more lightly stated ways but I don’t do that here.

Samsung Running Away Far from N7

There is news out of Samsung working to distance themselves and gain public trust. To do that Samsung will be apparently making use of thermal pipes in their new phones this year. This video can give you some idea what heat pipes do.  This idea is also going to be used by LG who have already said they would be using heat pipes inside the G6. Samsung will be using heat pipes in the Galaxy S8.

I wonder why this was not used before but I can only think of the added weight this would cause in any new phones this year. So companies that make these will get business this year. There are numerous rumors about the S8 having a better heat pipe but who knows. It will probably just have the same pipes as the S7. This sounds good to me as face value but then I remember that the Note 7 did have heat pipes also and we all know how that turned out.

All and all Samsung will be announcing the results of its investigation on the Note 7 issue on Monday. I assume Samsung will also talk about what it plans to do next to avoid any further Note 7 fiascoes.

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Okay everyone… In tech world you can rent & rent to own just about anything. Now that has been extended to PC gamers even further. Okay you could rent games we know that and you could also find a way to rent the consoles you need to play those games. We also know the pros and cons all of this comes with. So now to add to all of this we have a new era arising in the gaming industry where PC and Mac gaming may just be the way to go if you intend on doing some serious gaming. Problem is though the price tag included with purchasing a PC designed for the ultimate gaming experience. I am just gonna give you a starting idea by stating that best Graphics Cards needed for ultimate gaming cost at about $500 and that is only 1 piece of computer hardware towards building the whole gaming monster.

So with this being the case maybe you really cannot afford to buy such a monster. Maybe you cannot reason buying this tech beast because you only have a few hours a week of time to actually be able to play any game. Well Nvidia has a solution for you. Nvidia has introduced a new way for PC and Mac gamers to play the latest games without the need for that powerful beast of a computer that costed you so much. It is called GeForce Now. The service has been around but has recently undergone a change that gives subscribers cloud-based access to a GTX 1080-equipped computer, which can stream gameplay to their PCs and Macs.

When you sign into GeForce Now, you are presented with a standard Windows desktop. It is like a virtual desktop or a remote desktop that offers services like Steam, GOG, and

Available for Windows and Mac

You just have to install your desired games from your existing libraries. Keep in mind you still have to buy the games you want to play. Nvidia’s GeForce Now service was around in October 2015 but usage of the service was limited to the company’s Shield family of portable gaming devices; and, there was a monthly subscription fee for access to a library of titles. Nvidia will now offer  its GeForce Now service with a different pricing model, as gamers will pay for a certain amount of hours. So it will cost $25 to spend 20 hours gaming on a PC with a GTX 1060 graphics card, or 10 hours of access to a Gaming PC with a GTX 1080 graphics card, as the report from Ars Technica says.
I am not sure how this price fair with most gamers. I think it not go as well as they think it will but then again who knows. I’m saying the scenario is actually someone having to pay the $25 for 20 or 10 hours of play and then he or she would have to buy their own games. I think though that Nvidia’s service will appeal to certain people.  Check it, Mac users cannot really play all of the cool games that are out as there are many PC-only releases. So for them they would not have to kick out mad dough to buying a PC computer to do their gaming on.
Nvidia is planning to start an early access period for GeForce Now possibly in March, with the official launch coming later in the springtime.  The service will most likely be exclusive to the United States before being offered in other regions.

What do you think?

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Since Super Mario Run arrived in the App Store in December 2016, users of Android have been waiting  for Nintendo to make a version of the game for other mobile platforms.

While no release date has be revealed, Nintendo has opened up a pre-registration for Super Mario Run on the Google Play store on the evening of December 28th. Like the “Notify” button that appeared in the App Store after the game was announced, the “Pre-register” button on Google Play will allow Android owners the same chance to find out as soon as the game hits the store for Android devices.

When Nintendo showed off Super Mario Run in September, it was not clear if the game would be released on other platforms. The question was later answered with a Nintendo press release saying the game would be available “first” on iOS, which leads into the notion that the game would pop up eventually on Android. I assume with Nintendo’s status the way it is now Windows Phone fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

The release date is still being unknown, it would make sense for some sort of Apple exclusivity to last for a period of time. Who knows…but no such details have been revealed so the game could be out at any time.

The description on Google Play is virtually identically to the one on the App Store, right down to “paying a set purchase price” for the full game. I wonder if Nintendo will be able to keep up with updates on the Android version as any Android Developer knows the Android world has new challenges to face with so many different phones available. We will see…


January 19, 2017

Okay we have some news now on when Nintendo intends to release Super Mario Run for Android which was shorter than I expected. Yesterday evening on Twitter Nintendo made it known. Not much is known currently about how similar it will be to the iOS version or what the in-app purchases will look but I think it can be safely said it will align up closely having a free version with only a few levels to entice you and then boom you will need to kick out about $10 to unlock the full game along with smaller purchases being available for some added glamour.

So you think the news makes the wait any better?   😀

For all you Super Mario fans you may have wondered how to get that Super Mario addiction under wraps as you are on the go. To get to the point you can do so through the use of game emulators. Wikipedia defines emulator as:

In computing, an emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system. Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate (or imitate) another program or device. Many printers, for example, are designed to emulate Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers because so much software is written for HP printers. If a non-HP printer emulates an HP printer, any software written for a real HP printer will also run in the non-HP printer emulation and produce equivalent printing. In the 2010s, some video game enthusiasts use emulators to play 1980s arcade games using the original 1980s programming code, which is interpreted by a 2010-era system.

There are many emulators out there for your PC and your Android devices. If you wish to see what is available you can visit EMUParadise for quite an extensive list of emulators that you can use to play whatever old school games you want to play. The newer gaming consoles will be harder and less stable when attempting to get games playing with issues in non-smooth play, no audio, slow frames per second, or simply won’t play at all. The communities for these emulators are usually working together to fix issue found but how well that goes depend mostly on popularity.

So in here the topic is getting Super Mario going on your Android device.

What you need….

Here we are setting up playing New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS.  It is one of the newer versions of the game that can still be played pretty easily without having to worry about Mario actions that required some movement or gesture.

First you need only to download 2 items.

DraStic DS Emulator  The demo version limits play time so test it out to make sure it runs well on your phone then consider purchasing the emulator. I suggest this one though because it is one of the best one for the Nintendo DS.

Paid Version    Demo Version


the Super Mario Bros file

Once you have downloaded the emulator and the file to your phone/device open the emulator. You should see something like this:

Now you could go into the options and ‘change options’ in the menu like to get better looking video. I would not suggest doing so at this point unless you have a high end Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy Note series phone. So let just tap on ‘load new game’. The emulator is pretty good at finding the file you just downloaded and should show up on the list. If so tap to start it.

From here on watch my video to help you get used to using the drastic emulator…

Ninja’s Cool Technology Hunt

There are many many campaigns out there right now on the web with ideas that range from stupid to straight up ninja. So in this post Ninja will go on the hunt for the straight up ninja projects that will catch eyes. I will say though that some may not even be available yet as Ninja’s hunts usually turn up upcoming tech that actually may never be available or just available as latter dates as creators work to improve and get things going.  Hey things fail whether good or evil intentions are involved. I advise anyone though to do research before pulling your wallets out for your next cool gadget. So here it goes….

FlexR – Control Technology With Your Muscles

This technology makes use of electromyography (EMG) — an electrodiagnostic medical technique used for evaluating and recording electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. So what is it being used for? Ever wanted to control your smartphone by flexing your muscles? If not then it is a concept being worked on right now. FlexR,  is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. See the idea here is a small wearable gadget that can be attached to your skin so it can recognize muscle contractions, and translate those signals into inputs for your mobile device. Once hooked up, it allows you to play games while exercising. It is like a Wii Fit or an Xbox Kinect without the large movements like jumping or waving your arms.

For more information

Click Here

More will be added as Ninja goes out on the hunt so keep checking…

Bouncing around the web I ran into a reddit page from a user called “illCodeYouABrain” who while opening Firefox at times receives a message from Windows 10 (image shown link). I thought it was a little interesting but wanted to know for sure or rather what prompted Microsoft to create such a notification.

So apparently Microsoft has enabled a set of ‘Windows Tips’ that lets users who use Firefox and Chrome know that their Edge browser is safer. I do remember some news months ago about Windows 10 warning Chrome and Firefox users about battery drain related to those browsers and recommended using Edge instead.  This notification of course most likely applies to those that have portable Windows 10 devices like tablets and laptops. My first reaction to it was just a simple “okay”.  I can understand already how battery drain can be applied to Chrome and Firefox just from my own personal use of the browsers. Both have more features and having addons in any browser will equate to more battery use depending on the addons you like to use. Microsoft even supposedly performed an experiment to prove it. (video on left) I don’t know how trustworthy this would be and I have a lot of questions on the test itself but either way it would not surprise me for reasons I have mentioned latter.

The notification can at times popup when opening Firefox as well as Chrome; and, if anyone has seen this popup make a comment. Microsoft of course will only respond with rhetoric that coincides with the tone they use in the Windows 10 environment with words like “We want to provide easy information that can help our users enhance their Windows 10 experience.” I will add that you can change the settings for this feature if you open Settings => System => Notifications => Disable “Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows”


So where does this tip find its merit? Well NSS Labs performed a comparison of the 3 major browsers. Now I know Microsoft in the past has asked them to do studies and Internet Explorer has come out on top but apparently this time Microsoft had not commissioned this study. I have the results and read through them and this is the scoop.

The NSS test results were obtained from live testing where all browsers were subjected to the same set of social malware. “This test comprised 220,918 test cases that included 5,224 unique suspicious samples. Ultimately, 304 samples met NSS validation criteria and were included as part of the test.”

The Edge browser blocked a great 99% of the socially engineered malware (SEM) that was thrown at it. Now this is due to SmartScreen URL Rep and App Rep which are reputation based defenses that protect you from malicious links and downloads. Chrome and Firefox use Google’s Safe Browsing service. Just check the image (right) to see how the the others compared in this test.

There were 2 tests and the next one was in phishing protection, namely the average phishing URL catch rate for browsers over a 12 day period where Edge hit 91.4% while Chrome and Firefox also following closely. (image on left)

Security is important in all browser and Microsoft has been on the ball as far as security in concerned. It seems Edge is pretty secure. Now will these result make you want to switch? Idk. Mozilla and Google have a good history of keeping their users safe. Now Edge is a Windows 10 only browser while Firefox and Chrome are available on PC, Mac, and Linux. Edge having less features and being less compatible being addon-less will of course make it more secure just on that point alone but I see changes little by little as Microsoft aspires to add more to the Edge browser. Overall??? Nothing beats user knowledge. The NSS report itself says this

“Users who are able to identify social engineering attacks rely less on technology for protection against such attacks. Technology will sometimes fail, but those users who can identify social engineering attacks will remain protected, regardless of the method used to attempt social engineering.”

which is something I always tell my own clients anyways.

If you wish to view some of the other data from the NSS report you can just continue reading. Whatever your browser of choice is just remember what was just said and know that YOU are the best protection against threats.

Other Tests Performed

There were other tests between the two categories of SEM and Phishing which I will show below.


Socially Engineered Malware

New threats are always an issue and will continue to be and so how fast your browser can respond to new threats is also important. This image shows how long it took for each browser to block a threat once it was introduced. The cumulative protection rates were calculated each day until the threats were blocked. “During the test, Microsoft Edge demonstrated a 98.7% zero-hour protection rate for malware. Microsoft Edge blocked 5.9% more malware than Google Chrome and 20.4% more malware than Mozilla Firefox. By the end of the seventh day of testing, Microsoft Edge was maintaining a 3.6% lead over Google Chrome and a 17.4% lead over Mozilla Firefox.”


“Figure 3 depicts the average time to block SEM samples for each browser.”


“Microsoft Edge required an average of less than ten minutes to block new SEM. At more than two hours and 39 minutes, Google Chrome had the next best average time to block. Mozilla Firefox took longer than three hours and 45 minutes to block malware.”

“Figure 4 compares the use of Google Safe Browsing API vs Microsoft SmartScreen.”

“Microsoft has invested significantly in its SmartScreen technology, which has constantly provided superior
protection for its users over time. When Google Safe Browsing API was first rolled out, it only offered protection against drive-by downloads and phishing sites. In response to the increase in socially engineered malware, Google added protection against SEM, which improved its block rate over previous NSS browser tests.”

“Throughout the test, new URLs hosting SEM were added, and URLs that were either no longer reachable or no longer delivering SEM, were removed. Figure 5 shows the consistency of protection of the tested browsers throughout the testing period.”

“Microsoft Edge had an average block rate of 99.0%; with its lowest recorded at 98.0%. Google Chrome had an average block rate of 85.8%; its lowest recorded at 50.0%. Mozilla Firefox had an average block rate of 78.3%, which was noticeably different than the 38.9% block rate it demonstrated at the beginning of the test.”

Phishing Malware

Masquerading as a legit entity to obtain sensitive info.

Equivalent data when referencing phishing attacks…

“Figure 2 depicts how long it took the browsers to block a threat once it was introduced into the test cycle. Cumulative protection rates are listed at the time of introduction, i.e., the “zero hour,” through the end of the test. Final protection scores for the duration of the URL test are summarized under the “Total” column.


“Initial protection from phishing sites ranged from 82.7% for Google Chrome to 92.1% for Microsoft Edge. Since both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox rely on the Google Safe Browsing API, their protection is almost identical.”

“Figure 3 answers the question of how long a user must wait on average until a requested phishing URL is added to a block list. It shows the average time to block a phishing site once it was introduced into the test set, but only if it was blocked during the the test. Unblocked sites are not included,…”

“The average time to block a site (if it is blocked at all) is 56.4 minutes. Microsoft Edge was significantly faster at adding protection in the earliest hours of a phishing attack than any of the other browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox took more than one hour on average to block new phishing websites.”

Daily users visit a wide range of sites that change from time to time thus phishing links also evolve along with it and keeping the phishing links blocked is key. NSS tested some live hyperlinks every six hours. The percentages will be different from the link results because this test entails multiple tests of a link. So if a link is blocked early on this will  improve the score while links missed continually will lower the score.

“Figure 4 shows protection at each of the 44 incremental tests of over a period of 12 days, and each score represents protection at a given point in time.”

“Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox use the Google Safe Browsing API. The mean detection rates for these browsers is very close; however, Chrome lags behind Firefox in early protection.”

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A little confused as to why but apparently Microsoft has purchased LinkedIn. In case you did not know LinkedIn is is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via the web. So again I asked…..why?  Well I have been noticing Microsoft make moves toward being more social. Windows 10 Microsoft decided to be more like Apple and Google by offering syncing services as well as an app store to coincide with their Operating System.  I assume this is just another step in that direction but let us look at a little history for Microsoft here shall we?

In 2014, Microsoft bought Nokia for $6.1 billion which proved to be a failure and was written off a year later.

Microsoft offers to buy Facebook for $15 billion but was declined. Kind of reminds me of a image I saw:


So in this  deal for LinkedIn, Microsoft paid $26.2 billion which breaks down into: $196/share and a 50% premium on the share price at announcement time.  Which is cool actually since LinkedIn is popular but it has not been as profitable as one might think. Last year LinkedIn reported a yearly loss of about $165 million. This leads me to think as to how LinkedIn makes any money at all and I find out that LinkedIn has a recruiting service for corporations looking to hire employees. I know LinkedIn has advertising too but that could have really amounted to much of their earnings. I am saying how many of us are are LinkedIn as often as we are on Facebook? So since this is the case how is Microsoft going to make any money in this deal? Readers…. Microsoft basically paid $60 for every LinkedIn user. Shoot I signed up for free so if Microsoft paid for my account where is my money at?

Now the industry is moving more into social networking, cloud, and mobile devices while the application and operating system business dies down which places Microsoft in a better place to service this need by purchasing LinkedIn. Either way LinkedIn just has not really come on top but Microsoft has money to waste I supposed. I hear Microsoft has roughly $91 billion to lose or win so they can afford it.  Seeing what Microsoft has done with Windows 10 I am thinking they will look to integrate LinkedIn with their current offerings. So all of us 433 million users who use LinkedIn are going to eventually see LinkedIn powered by Microsoft or perhaps just be pushed into using Microsoft service offerings.

All of this talk of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 around and its battery issues. So what exactly is going on then? Is the issue with the phone or is it really the battery? If it is just the battery what is the problem? Many batteries we see everyday to run into no issue yet these Note 7s have bad batteries.What is a battery? A battery is a type of voltage source that is composed of one or more cells that converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. All batteries use a specific type of chemical reaction called an oxidation-reduction reaction. In this type of reaction, electrons are transferred from one reactant to the other. If the chemicals used in the reaction are separated, it is possible to cause the electrons to travel in the external circuit, creating current. As long as there is an external path for the electrons, the reaction can proceed, and stored chemical energy is converted to electrical current. The image below shows the basic copper-zinc battery. Batteries all follow this basic idea.

cooper-zinc battery

I am sure this will lose some of you and so here is a video to help you out a bit.

[arve url=”” align=”center” description=”How Batteries Work”]

So the idea here is using chemicals to produce electricity and as for the Note 7, why is this phone such a fire hazard? The problem is the lithium-ion battery which is a common source of power that is used in cellphones, computers, power tools and toys.


periodic-table-lithiumLithium which is the 3rd element on the periodic table is a silver-white metal that can catch fire when exposed to oxygen or water. So how can lithium be used then for batteries? Sounds more dangerous than useful right? Well Sony Corp. apparently made a way to safely use lithium by keeping the lithium ions in a suspension or chemical so that it is not pure lithium.
Properly made batteries have safety measures built into them but faulty batteries with poorly made electric circuitry can end up with fiery results. Bad batteries can be overcharged but good ones will stop charging automatically once they are full. If bad batteries are left plugged in for too long the lithium ions can collect in one spot and be deposited as metallic lithium within the battery. Now remember what happens to lithium when exposed. Heat from the overcharging can cause oxygen bubbles within the gel. You get the picture??? The opposite per say can also be a problem with a bad battery where they can be over-discharged which means they won’t shut off when the power is too low which can also cause a fire.

And there you have it. Be careful when using off name brand batteries or if you happen to still have your Note 7. Also if  the battery is not listed as being rechargeable do not try to recharge it. Non-rechargeable, or Primary Batteries, are not designed to  be recharged and can cause damage and possibly fires.

25 December 2015

Apparently now you have to be careful how you name your device’s wifi hotspot or even your Bluetooth name. Seem an airline has literally stopped a flight due to finding a network named “Samsung Galaxy Note 7_1097” Seriously this flight was canceled due to this. Passengers had to readjust their itineraries.

No Note 7 was found on this plane but no one came forward at first while they went looking for the person who owned this ph0ne with the pilot threating to search everyone’s bag. The person finally owned up to it when the threat to divert the plane from its destination to Wyoming. Mond you this flight was from San Francisco to Boston. I guess this person did not wanna goto Wyoming.

There’s no mention if this person was punished go hey who wants to try to name their phone Galaxy Note 7? You know what if you are one onf the more tech savvy one of us and you flash a Note 7 ported ROM?…..

On September 2nd Samsung acknowledged issues with the battery inside the Note 7 handsets. There were several reports of faulty batteries going around where the phone (or the battery) exploded. Samsung said it had found a problem with the battery in some of the phones and was halting sales in 10 countries, including South Korea and the U.S.  Samsung said phones in China don’t appear to be affected because it used another battery supplier but was unclear if models sold in China would be recalled. All sales outlet for the Note 7 have followed suit and halted sales, pulled the device form their sites, and offer exchanges. I hear Sprint is offering up similar devices for customers to use during the recall process. To give you a better picture of the situation here is a video to checkout.

Imagine this happening to you while the phone is in your pocket?
[ntciframe id=”″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”500″ grow=”yes”]

A Galaxy Note 7 owner in South Korea, who asked that he not be identified, told CNN Money he was awoken in the middle of the night when he “smelled something burning.” His phone had melted and he used his older model Samsung, Galaxy Note 2, to take photos that he posted online. (source: CNN)  A south Korean news agency Yonhap had reported five claims around the world of Note 7s catching fire while charging while unverified photos posted on social media showed charred devices.

There have been 35  reported cases of this happening and Samsung has jumped in quickly and announced a full recall of the the Note 7 phablet. Samsung has stated that they will replace all of the phones that were already purchased and they have already setup an exchange program. The exchange program goes as follows.
United States customers have 2 options

  • Exchange a Note 7 for a new, fixed Note 7
  • Exchange a Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 Edge and replacement of any Note 7 specific accessories with a refund on the price difference between devices.

Samsung mentioned that the Note 7 for Note 7 exchange could start next week but nothing so far as to when the Note 7 for S7 Edge will start. ALSO, Samsung is giving Note 7 buyer a $25 gift card or credit off of their phone bill for  their troubles. Of course this only applies if you are swapping out phones with another Samsung Note or S line of phones.

The program will be implemented in conjunction with your carrier so visit your carrier to get the ball rolling.

The Note 7 Recall is definitely a huge blow to Samsung. All you Apple fans can start talking your junk now to no real avail since Samsung is obviously not going anywhere.  Samsung’s response to the problem is not what Apple has done in the past which chalking issues up to software related problems. If you think that is an error feel free to comment. (Just throwing that out there…lol) Samsung stock as dipped to a 2-week low (reuters) while the Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be announced next week in San Francisco. So Samsung needs to get moving or they stand to lose money by the iPhone 7 eating into the market. The cellphone business being one that still locks people in for a period of time.

So if you waited to buy the Note 7 or were warming up to it… You will have to wait. Although I have been hearing that September 30th may be a day you may be able to buy your new, cool, fixed Note 7. As the issue just seems to be a battery issue. Changing batteries and/or battery carrier would fix things just nicely. I can imagine the process being accepting all the bad phones and just changing the battery. Although I will say people have been finding issues with the phone. Mentioning that the phone lags and very fast battery drainage. This mainly though came from T-mobile customers. I have not seen all of the complaints has of yet but these were the ones that stood out.  Oh carriers are waiving their restocking fee…  ooooh. (sarcasm) I cannot  forget also customers still get to keep their free year of Netlflix.


I have heard from a source close to Samsung that the phones will be available for exchange starting next week. Samsung will not be doing it directly so this process will happen at the carrier level.

Sept 6, 2016

Note 7 related hotel fire…

Another Note 7 has been reported as exploding. The owner was an Australian man in a hotel no doubt. The explosion caused about $1400 in damages in the hotel room. The man was apparently on a business trip when his room almost went up in flames.

“My brand new Note7 exploded this morning while I was still asleep, it was plugged in and charging,” he said. “Phone completely fried, I can’t eject the SIM tray to retrieved [sic] my SIM or the SD card. I was using original charger and cable if you are wondering. Charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when I whacked it down to the floor, burnt one of my finger [sic] while doing that too. “[Samsung] told me this is the first case in Australia,” he added. “I have gone to Samsung store and they gave me a loan device, and have been promised that they will take care of the hotel damages bill.” (Numerous sources. Just google it.)

Though still insure of this story which originated on Reddit where the man posted the story.

Possible House Fire Caused by Note 7

[ntcyoutube id=”y7dG6Gzj7ng” align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” grow=”yes”]

FAA Plans to Ban the Note 7

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering a ban on the Note 7. So passenger will not be able to take their Note 7 device on planes. Now the FAA is still thinking about it. The Transportation Security Administration and US Airlines are talking about it also. If these all decide to label the Note 7 as a hazardous product, passengers will be, I repeat, prohibited from carrying a Note 7 on board of upcoming flights. The actual details are still confusing which means they have no clue yet what they wanna do. Since Samsung has not made an official recall of the phone they feel the need to take some action. If you are yet still confused. Yes Samsung has recalled the Note 7 but they have not taken the official steps which is getting the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission involved. It just sounds like a lot of time wasted going through red tape and paperwork to me. So Samsung has initiated their own recall. But the official way to do it apparently makes sure no one else can still sell the possibly defective Note 7s still out there.

Sept 12, 2016

6 Year Old Boy from Brooklyn Burned by a Note 7

[arve url=”” maxwidth=”500″]

Sept 15, 2016

Signs of ‘Safe’ Note 7s

New Galaxy Note 7 phones will have boxes with a giant S mark on them to show you have the “safe” phone. Which is an indication to help ease the public’s concerns about having to get another phone with a defective battery. We all know how the insurance replacements go. You pay money for your replacement normally to quite often get a refurbish unit. Anyone that is not new to the cellphone game knows this. To add there may be another indication of ‘hitting the safe spot’ is the battery indicator which supposedly will have a green fill instead of the default white. This detail though I would not trust 100% cause this can be easily changed or mimicked so if you buy your Note 7 online be careful. (–source &

President of Samsung US Apologizes

Sept 19th is the day to start looking for safe Note 7s while the 21st is the latest.

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DECEMBER 10, 2016


The Note 7 had several reoccurring fire incidence so Samsung went through official channels & started the recall. Now Samsung you could tell was trying to avoid this to preserve the Note 7’s ability to sell but they had no choice due to the reoccurring events. Samsung has made several attempts at getting these phones out of people’s hands, the replacement program being its main effort. Note 7s in the US are restricted from charging past 60 percent and receive a pop-up notification about the recall every time the screen is turned on. In Canada, Note 7s are about to have all wireless networking disabled so they won’t even be able to make a phone call.

Months later and a large part of the public still wants a Note 7. There are numerous reviews of the Note 7 that despite the battery fire issues deem the Note 7 the better phone among current options available. This being the case, other phones have been released by other manufacturers while consumers look for some equivalent option. Some make claim the LG V20 being equal without pen features. A true Note user knows better as the S-Pen just adds so much more to the device.

Note 7 owners basically just did not want to give up their phones. Samsung says that 93 percent of US-sold Note 7 units have now been returned, which means there are about 133,000 phones still out there. 

So what now?

Samsung will now render the remaining Galaxy Note 7s in the US useless and inoperable with an update for the recalled smartphone. Anyone getting any Apple thoughts in the brain? (This though is intentional where Apple just messed up.)  On Dec 9th Samsung confirmed that it plans to release an update on December 19th that will be distributed across all major carriers within 30 days. So what’s happening is this update will disable charging of the phones all together which will eventually render all updated phones useless.

Now this sounds good an all but I can literally think of a way around this which I will not mention here in this blog but anyone that is familiar with jailbreaking & rooting will already know what I mean.

If you must break down & give up the ghost. Note 7 owners still rocking the cool phone can still return your phones or exchange them for other Samsung devices.

If there is anymore updates I will keep you posted… Keep checking.