Do you surf the web a lot? You prefer Google Chrome browser over the others? Okay here Ninja makes his suggestions of Chrome Extensions to try out. What is a Chrome Extension? A browser extension is a plug-in that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. Google Chrome has A LOT of them. First to make things a little easier you can visit this LINK HERE from Chrome to search through the long list of extensions for Google’s Chrome browser. So let’s get started shall we?

Strict Workflow

Trying to get some work done but you are always distracted. You just cannot seem to fight the urge to click on links and search the web. Well with this distraction blocking extension you can finally get some work done. Strict Workflow can block distracting sites for chunks of 25 minutes at a time.




This extension can be very useful and time saving during the times where you are surfing and just need more space to see all that you have opened… or just two sites side by side. So if you only have one screen and you need just a little more space to make, say a comparision… Niftysplit is for you. You simply just right-click on a link and you will have the new option to “Open as NiftySplit Window.” You can also shift click on a link too. To give you an idea here is an image.



The Great Suspender


You have have limited amounts of RAM in your PC and you tend to open a lot of tabs at once causing your PC to either slow down or you get the “Out of memory” message this extension can help. The Great Suspender automatically suspends tabs you are not using this in turn will free up resources.


In 2014 Apple agreed to purchase Beats known for the popular Beats headphones, speakers, and audio software for $3 billion. The deal actually consists of a purchase price of about $2.6 and the rest will vest over time. Source So now here we are with not very long to wait to give Apple Music a try. The streaming service will cost $10/month and will be available on Macs, iOS, and Windows PCs on June 30th….even if you do not use Apple. Apple Music will also be available on both Apple TV and Android this fall. So what happened to all the issues Apple and Google have/had/have? Apple will put out an app with their branding on Google? It is no big deal because when it comes to money by-gones can be by-gones really quick. So in this case if Apple wants to compete with other services like Spotify they need to jump on the bandwagon. Whatever right? For more details you can click here.

Apple seems to be getting ready big time.  There are alot of different source that conclude to a huge iphone 6 launch.  Apple’s spending on components and general manufacturing costs has risen steadily over the past year, with a quarter-to-quarter increase of 22 percent to $15.4 billion by the end of June. Well, according to a quarterly report filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty stated that this mammoth increase in spending can only mean one thing: Apple is preparing for its biggest product launch since the first iPhone debuted in 2007.

The rumors:

Apple will launch two larger iPhones along with a wearable item, the iWatch, in which so much talk about it may as well be confirmed.  I’m saying, there are leaked images of the two phones all over the Internet. The most recent reports state that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will arrive in the second or third week of September, while the second 5.5-inch iPhone 6 may launch later in the fall, or on the same day. Meanwhile, most agree that the iWatch will arrive later in the fall, around October or possibly November.

  1. Larger screen: 4.7″ with a pixel density of 416 (perhaps 1704×960 pixels) and 5.5″ with a pixel density of 365
  2. The 5.5″ model with Optical Image Stabilization and a 128 GB storage capacity 
  3. Sapphire crystal screen
  4. Faster and more efficient A8 chip
  5. Slimmer bezel and thinner chassis
  6. iOS 8

[ntcyoutube id=”b7ANcWQEUI8″]

Some interesting info on the Sapphire Crystal Screen

When I say a lot of rumor and hype I mean there are a lot. I would say more than what usually goes down for the best of phones now and I’m talking phones like the Note 3 and the LG G3.  People images of what may be the parts of this phone have been posted:


Separate flex cables for the volume buttons/mute switch and top power button, and what may be the SIM card trays for the device, hinting at space gray, silver, and gold color options.




A possible backlight panel for the iPhone 6 surfaced in May from Chinese microblogging site Weibo, showing a part that looks like it is indeed from an iPhone. While the veracity of the image cannot be confirmed, it appears to correspond to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. Along with the panel, images of Touch ID parts have also come from the Asian supply chain, as have images of the flex cable for the Lightning port and headphone jack.



In June a possible LCD backlight panel for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 surfaced.



Don’t get me started on the concept images that basically say,”Hello I am an iphone and I don’t really change that much……….” …  Okay here are two  images:



 iphone_6_mockups_gold_gray_silverApple is reportedly increasing production of both iPhone 6 models to record heights, with estimates ranging from 70 to 80 million units. The 10-Q filing does seem to confirm these reports but I am not a financial expert and all I see are a bunch of numbers that do show an increase after looking at it and finally making some sense of it. According to Huberty, such dramatic increases in spending on components and manufacturing indicate that Apple is planning its biggest launch ever. I don’t know about all that but we know Apple loves to make huge launches and well the launches have been large with Apple fan waiting in lines sometimes camping out the night before the launch dates.

“In addition to the $15.4 billion Apple spent building the iPhone 6 and presumably, the iWatch, the company has shelled out $5.6 billion for product tooling and manufacturing process equipment, advertising, research and development, and Internet and telecommunications services. Overall, Apple’s total commitment of $21 billion grew 46 percent year-over-year and a whopping 36 percent from the previous quarter. Huberty stated that this represents the highest sequential growth of a June quarter since 2007, when Apple first showed the iPhone to the world.

Huberty believes that these staggering increases essentially confirm not only is Apple making more iPhone units than ever before, but it is also preparing to introduce a brand-new product: the iWatch. Her suspicions were confirmed by a recent report from AppleInsider, which stated that Apple spent $1.6 billion on research and development last quarter and $4.36 billion so far in 2014. The publication also noted that R&D spending increased every quarter.” I’m quoting here from a Digital Trends post and Huberty has a lot to say about it it seems.

Gold_iphone 6_w750I could not help but to add that a 24k iphone 6 is in the air. Well probably a lil more than just in the air since luxury design and accessory company Brikk is already taking pre-orders for its extravagant take on Apple’s next big thing.

So the iphone is coming so be prepared for a lot of news on it. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal suggests Apple is ordering massive numbers of the iPhone 6 to meet high consumer demand. The company is expected to order between 70 and 80 million units of the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 combined but with Android still out there racking up big numbers combined from several phone makers. The likes of which are also coming out with new phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Just how well will it turn out for Apple? Also how many issues are there going to be on these 2 new iphones. Apple I would think has stuck with there small sizes out of convenience and the easy factor while still making dough. Just what do you think?

World of Warcraft fan? Maybe?… Maybe not?… Or do you like card games? Blizzard Entertainment has released a free to play card game based on World of Warcraft. Having been a World of Warcraft player I was able to acquire a free mount for playing the game.

Well, yeah I had to do something in the game first. I had to do all the work of installing the game and then I had to play it.  As I played I started to have fun which kind of snuck up on me since I only wanted the mount. As I played and hours actually passed I saw how easy to understand the core rules were.  See it does not really rely on some complex and complicated rules. You can be a good player by simply playing the right cards at the right time. Now I did see a some exceptions related to what was related to a Crazed Alchemist.  For the most part the cards and their effects were simple with few words used to communicate what it is they do.  Actually some of the ones I like are Fireball which deals 6 damage, Chillwind Yeti is a minion with 4 attack and 5 health. The objective, of course, is to kill your opponent or rather get their health to zero.  As for the cards, some are very accessible, some not so much.

The game does take a lil brain power and playing mindlessly may just cost you a few losses.  There will be times when attacking may not be the best idea cause your opponent played a card that gets stronger depending on what you do. You may wanna knock that card out first. It is also good to have some protection instead by playing a card that Taunts attackers to attack it giving you some breathing room while you hope for a good card to show up so you can setup a good combo to knock your opponent’s health down. So you play at first to improve your deck. Also important to mention is what class you want to play cause each class has its own special powers.

  • Druid: Poison Seeds (spell) – Destroy all minions and summon 2/2 Treants to INSERT them.
  • Hunter: Webspinner (minion) – Deathrattle: Draw a random Beast card.
  • Mage: Duplicate (secret) – Secret: When a friendly minion dies, put 2 copies of it in your hand.
  • Paladin: Avenge (secret) – Secret: When one of your minions dies, give a friendly minion +3/+2.
  • Priest: Dark Cultist (minion) – Deathrattle: Give a friendly minion +3 Health.
  • Rogue: Anub’ar Ambusher (minion) – Deathrattle: Return a friendly minion to your hand.
  • Shaman: Reincarnation (spell) – Destroy a minion, then return it to life with full Health.
  • Warlock: Voidcaller (minion) – Deathrattle: Put a Demon from your hand into the battlefield.
  • Warrior: Death’s Bite (weapon) – Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to all minions.

iPad version

As for this version, I honestly am not sure but the news is that it plays identically as on Mac and PC.  This sounds good to me and I would rather be able to play it on a tablet anyways but it is only available for iPad. Nothing Android at the moment but Blizzard states they will be working on one projected near the end of 2014. So myself being an Android person am not happy about that.  I played the game but not as often as I would like. Maybe if it was on Android I would play it more. (Actually I would.)

New Expansion Curse of Naxxramas


Recently Blizzard has released a new expansion for Hearthstone adding new challenges giving players a chance at improving their card decks. If you play the game this is a must. As other players get these cards you may need some of your own to survive.  The first wing, The Arachnid Quarter will be available for free for at least a month but after that it will cost $6.99 or 700 gold to download. I hear Blizzard will let players buy multiple wings at once at a discount.

Here’s the full list of prices: 


  • All five wings: $24.99
  • Already own first wing: $19.99
  • Already own first two wings: $14.99
  • Already own first three wings: $9.99
  • Individual wings: $6.99, or 700 gold, each


  • All five wings: 21.99 euros or 17.49 pounds
  • Already own first wing: 17.99 euros or 13.99 pounds
  • Already own first two wings: 13.99 euros or 11.49 pounds
  • Already own first three wings: 8.99 euros or 6.99 pounds
  • Individual wings: 5.99 euros, 4.99 pounds or 700 gold each

So check out Hearthstone. It is a fun game, especially if you like card games. With the World of Warcraft feel to it, it is a treat for any WoW fans. Blizzard just need to get those other versions out there. Mainly iphone and Android. Once they do that the game will really flourish.
Hearthstone on Facebook


Looking back I see Hearthstone is available for Android now. At first the android release was for only tablets. During this time I was able to get the game going on my phone by finding the game from a 3rd source and at the time it ran really slow and was a bit weird to play. I had issues tapping in areas on the board so I could basically play cards but firing magic was an issue.  Blizzard has now released its hold on the game and now some phones can play it.  It ran fine on my phone. I have/had a Note 3.