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Nvidia GeForce Now – High-End Gaming on Demand

Okay everyone… In tech world you can rent & rent to own just about anything. Now that has been extended to PC gamers even further. Okay you could rent games we know that and you could also find a way to rent the consoles you need to play those games. We also know the pros and cons all of this comes with. So now to add to all of this we have a new era arising in the gaming industry where PC and Mac gaming may just be the way to go if you intend on doing some serious gaming. Problem is though the price tag included with purchasing a PC designed for the ultimate gaming experience. I am just gonna give you a starting idea by stating that best Graphics Cards needed for ultimate gaming cost at about $500 and that is only 1 piece of computer hardware towards building the whole gaming monster.

So with this being the case maybe you really cannot afford to buy such a monster. Maybe you cannot reason buying this tech beast because you only have a few hours a week of time to actually be able to play any game. Well Nvidia has a solution for you. Nvidia has introduced a new way for PC and Mac gamers to play the latest games without the need for that powerful beast of a computer that costed you so much. It is called GeForce Now. The service has been around but has recently undergone a change that gives subscribers cloud-based access to a GTX 1080-equipped computer, which can stream gameplay to their PCs and Macs.

When you sign into GeForce Now, you are presented with a standard Windows desktop. It is like a virtual desktop or a remote desktop that offers services like Steam, GOG, and Battle.net.

Available for Windows and Mac

You just have to install your desired games from your existing libraries. Keep in mind you still have to buy the games you want to play. Nvidia’s GeForce Now service was around in October 2015 but usage of the service was limited to the company’s Shield family of portable gaming devices; and, there was a monthly subscription fee for access to a library of titles. Nvidia will now offer  its GeForce Now service with a different pricing model, as gamers will pay for a certain amount of hours. So it will cost $25 to spend 20 hours gaming on a PC with a GTX 1060 graphics card, or 10 hours of access to a Gaming PC with a GTX 1080 graphics card, as the report from Ars Technica says.
I am not sure how this price fair with most gamers. I think it not go as well as they think it will but then again who knows. I’m saying the scenario is actually someone having to pay the $25 for 20 or 10 hours of play and then he or she would have to buy their own games. I think though that Nvidia’s service will appeal to certain people.  Check it, Mac users cannot really play all of the cool games that are out as there are many PC-only releases. So for them they would not have to kick out mad dough to buying a PC computer to do their gaming on.
Nvidia is planning to start an early access period for GeForce Now possibly in March, with the official launch coming later in the springtime.  The service will most likely be exclusive to the United States before being offered in other regions.

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