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    The Wicked S6 Keyboard (Blue)

    Hello… This is a keyboard theme for the Samsung keyboard included with Samsung phones. The keyboard is from the Galaxy S6 which is now available for other Samsung phones, mainly the Note series, S4, S5……

    I saw the keyboard and I just liked it…but it was a only available for any device with the S6 theming feature installed and working due to it being a part of a theme. You can view the theme here. You can also view the original keyboard here.  I will be adding a pink version of the keyboard soon.  If you have an S6 ported ROM with full theming enabled you really don’t need this as you can just simply get the cool wicked theme but if you happen to not want the theme but want the keyboard go ahead.

    I give thanks to @dazednconfused and @Manh_IT for their work.

    You have to be rooted to install this keyboard. Flash in recovery.  I suggest you have lollipop only.  You can try if you want to but I am not responsible.

    Recovery options:

    • Flashfire
    • TWRP
    • CWM


    Wicked Keyboard Blue


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