Windows 10 is here and it is here to stay and along with it comes the almost forceful push to using a Microsoft Account. When you first buy your new Windows 10 device you are bombarded with the Sign In with your Microsoft Account. You can in fact just login in the old fashion way and login with a simple username and password even though Microsoft would rather you login with a Microsoft account so you can sync all your goodies while also allowing them to track what you do more.

If your Windows 10 user account is currently a Microsoft account (by choice or because you got roped into it) it is easy to revert it back to a local account if you know where to look. Read on as I show you.

Why Do This?

There are benefits to using a Microsoft account as your login but many people prefer to have their Windows login as a totally separate experience and entity from any online accounts they might have.

I have noticed a super annoying way that your local user account is automatically (without your permission) converted into a Microsoft account. Of which is when you first log into the Windows Store on your new Windows 10 PC your local user account (called “Ninja”) gets switched over seamlessly to whatever email address you use for your Microsoft account (say “”). This Microsoft account can be one you created for several reasons. Maybe you have a Hotmail email or you use the Microsoft Office Suite of software.

A scenario that can happen is when someone who isn’t you logs into the Windows Store then it converts your local user account to a Microsoft account with their login credentials. You then will end up needing their password to undo the mess. If the computer is logged off, goodness, you then cannot get into the computer until you get their password. It is a very poor and quite underhanded way to get people to use a Microsoft-style login instead of the old way to login.

Reverting Your Microsoft Account Back to a Local User

If you’ve had a Microsoft account for a while and you want to switch it back to a local user. If you had a crazy and annoying experience where the Windows Store or some other App hijacked your entire user account, the way to reverse everything is pretty easy if you know where to look.

On the Windows 10 PC in question,  goto the Accounts menu. You can do so in alot of ways but the fastest way is to simply type “accounts” in the search box on the Windows 10 start menu and select “Change your account picture or profile settings” as in the screenshot above.

When the Account Settings menu opens you will see in the screenshot to the left the email address of the now active Microsoft Account (top arrow). Below you will find a link saying “Sign in with a local account instead”.

Click on that link.

Confirm the account again and you will also be required to plug in the password. Click “Next”.

Enter a new local username and password (or the old username and password you had before things got all freaky). Click “Next”.

The last box is a confirmation and a reminder of some details you should read for you information. Click “Sign out and finish”. Now I did notice after signing out and going back to a local account didn’t change anything with the Windows Store app and I was still logged in under my Microsoft user account. Why couldn’t Microsoft had just allowed you to login to the Windows Store in the first place???????

You are on a project. Doesn’t matter what it is from typing a resume, typing your school report, writing your book, or  creating that life changing presentation. Windows 10 knows but really could care less. Windows 10 will take over, force updates down your throat, and reset on that a$%. Crazy thing though is that once the process has begun, there isn’t much you can do about it except wait. You may have to wait a good while too depending on the circumstances like the speed of your device and the size of the update.

So if you have not saved what you were doing you are pretty much:

It doesn’t look like Microsoft plans to fix this anytime soon and really quite frankly it isn’t really a bug or issue. It’s Windows Update probably making sure your computer is secure. The events that happen due to forced updating though are real unfortunate though. As for these events. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

As you can see, this has become a real problem for people. But you can avoid this from happening to you. The last tweet may make you skeptical but unless you want this to happen to you maybe you should read on.

Take Control of Windows 10 Updates

To start off in order:

1. Click the Start Button
2. Then Click Settings
3. Click on Update & Security
4. Make sure to select Windows Update
Once selected you will see a window like this  ⇒
In the window, you will see the options related to Windows Update. You can do a manual update by clicking Check for updates. You can check your update history. You can also change when Windows will be allowed to perform updates. You do this by clicking Change active hours under the Update setting heading.

5. Once you click Change active hours you will see a pop-up of sorts with a description of the option. Basically you just tell Windows the hours you use your computer the most or when you do not want it to restart on you and perform updates. It looks like this  ⇒

Responses from Microsoft

I was curious if Microsoft ever responded to the myriad of complaints and found a a good number but most just seemed like programmed responses to me. So I will just show you one response that pretty much sums it all up.

Once a machine is upgraded to Windows 10, it will remain current through Windows Update for the supported lifetime of the device, with safety and security, productivity, and entertainment value over time. This is what we mean when we talk about delivering Windows as a service, and it is one of our core inspirations for Windows 10. We’ll keep listening to our customers, improving the experience month after month. Windows 10 is an operating system that will run on a range of devices — from Xbox to PCs, phones to tablets and tiny gadgets — all of which are connected and kept up-to-date by Windows Update. Both enterprises and consumers benefit. The optimum way to ensure our customers are running the best Windows is to get them the latest updates for Windows 10. Delivering Windows 10 as a service means we can offer ongoing security updates, new features and capabilities – we’d like to make sure people can get access to the latest Windows 10 updates as soon as they are available.

So like I mentioned earlier it is not a bug at all but just a feature I guess. Windows Update has always been around so it is just something everyone should be familiar with. The forced updating though is a bit more aggressive than it has been in the past. I have seen people consider switching to Mac over this but it really is a none issue. I am not trying to minimize the scenarios of people losing sensitive data over the updates. What I am saying is that once it happens you should then take action to avoid it from happening again. Google now a days is the tool to use when you have a question you need answers for. There are numerous rantings and complaints about this which get into taking people’s choice away and performing updates while people are asleep but truth is someone will always find an issue with it no matter what approach is taken. Do nothing and Windows is continually labeled as the less secure system giving Apple OS the praises. Now that Windows is moving into a more secure place now people want to complain.

The forced updating of Windows may have been a small miss step but a solution has been offered for  it. You just have to research, google it, Yahoo It, and Bing It. Or you can just visit Ninja’s site and ask…   😉

Facebook is just simply huge and the larger it gets the more it is open to new ways it can be used to scam and advertise those scams. It is the same concept and phenomenon in the computer field that applies to any software, even the Operating System. in case that loses you the Operating System (OS) is basically Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX. Only in this case Windows being the the more prevalent is the victim hit the most so thus Facebook being as big as it is…you get the idea. Scammers like Facebook because it provides a platform to test out their scams on a large audience. The result, we have to be subject to myriads of spam posts, rogue apps bent on stealing your info, scareware (I will get into this one in another post), and many different or similar types of cons and hoaxes.Ninja is taking a stance against such malicious methods to use social media to scam and swindle people. So if this concerns you read on and make sure you share it because others having this info also affects you. So let’s begin…

The Dislike Button


Facebook does take a stance against negativity on their site and so we get features like the ticker and the timeline. We also get the like button but no dislike button. I mean really is there a need for a dislike button? I assume if no one likes a post then it is either just ok or not liked. So it is really all about what people like while Facebook makes money off knowing what people like. Apparently there is a lot of people interested in having a dislike button. Since scammers missions are all about using something everyone wants in order to bait you into clicking a link and installing malware on your computer.

If facebook ever adds a dislike button please know that it will be on every major news media market. They will be on it like dogs and trust, you will know. There are a few others that fall into this category. One is an app that let you see who is viewing your profile. I even remember an app that let you change your profile in other ways like colors instead of the facebook blue. So do not place your trust in any app that makes such claims, especially the adding of a dislike button.

Facebook does have an the option How do I feel about this post or report post, which offers a way to effectively dislike. These options should make the dislike button idea drop out into the archives and metadata spaces.

Sexy /  horribly / scarily tasteless videos

Shark FB scam

These videos are all over facebook and a good portion have a little added treat. They will ask you to complete a survey or install an app to supposedly allow you view the video. Guess what? The app is most likely a virus or malware. Oh to add you have to do this in order to see the video. This scam definitely plays on people’s curiosities. It baits you with something crazy, outlandish, very sexy, or morbid like a “Shocking” video. Crazy part about it is that people constantly re-post these video scams before they even verify them which helps it go viral worldwide in a matter of hours. The more outrageous it is (slight laugh), the quicker it spreads. When you do what it asked you will find out there is no video and the scammer just made money of off you from the survey results you provided and/or the app you installed. See money is paid out by malware affiliate marketing programs. These systems pay scammers to install malicious software. Crazy right???

Facebook Charging???

Facebook Charging Scam

I think this scam is known already but I will mention it anyways. The scam itself has many different ways that it presents itself but the idea is the same and simple. The post or whatever tell people that Facebook will be or is now gonna charge users for their accounts and if they don’t pay their accounts and everything they posted will be deleted. In the end all you end up doing is paying the scammer and they have your credit card info.

Free items

FB Range Rover Scam Mar 2016

I like free stuff and I am sure you do too. If my or your friend just got a free iPad because he or she posted it then it must be cool right? So we must go get it so we can get one free too while supplies last……………….

Well, actually your friend likely installed a bogus app that uses the allow friends to post to my wall feature on facebook. The app that was installed posted the scam post or message (another topic for another post) on his or her wall and the wall of all his or her friends making it look like it was from him and he or she probably has no idea it even happened.

To verify the scam you can just check to see if the same message is posted on the walls of some of your mutual friends. You can then inform your friend that he or she can stop waiting for the postman to deliver that iPad. lol

Your Friend is Stranded


[ntciframe id=”″ align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” allowfullscreen=”yes”]

Okay now this one is weak from my opinion and yet people have fallen for it. Now this one started as an email hoax that was a big problem. Hackers like to hack into people’s facebook accounts and will often impersonate the person they hacked. Then try to get money out of their friends. Your friends may think you are in trouble and actually fall for this scam before you can even contact them. This leads me into something similar but a little different.


Facebook Friend or Facebook Hacker

Facebook like to suggest new friends. Why not make new friends right? Well some of those suggestions may be hackers, people running outside scams, or people out to make money through sex. I will first start with hackers:

I just recently have been having someone making attempts to hack this site. They have been getting in but because of security measures I have implemented I have been able to block them out close to as soon as they get in. i had to make some changes to the site to keep them out permanently which has worked, or course. As I researched things further I retrieved their IP addresses. On another side of things I have been running into people asking to be friends. One new friend was questionable to me so I checked her page and there was not much on it other than images supposedly of her in various interesting outfits. To make a long story short, my investigation found that this person has been posting from the same IP addresses. Coincidence????? I think not. So they were unfriended and reported. That was all I did really cause to me their actions only helped me by actually running into a scam I knew about but never ran into. So, yeah, hackers are out there and will snatch anyone they can for fun or profit.

Next I run into people who run money scams. While back there was a lady who was supposed getting money from a military group in conjunction with a military credit union. This lady required that you wire her money so she could use it to make you more money. This part threw me off a bit so I asked questions. I guess the money you send her was like her fee plus dues for the military program that she could get you into whether you were ever military before or not cause the powers at be never check. This did not get me so I called the bank, why?, cause this person apparently worked for this bank and even posted images of herself at the bank as if she was a worker there. Well no one knew of her and it was told to me that there were a few scams that they knew about, this being one of them… Gots ta be mo careful. There are others too like the iphone scam.  These people post images of the iphones and all the money they scammed people stating you can make it too if you participate in their ‘thing’. Strange thing is you always have to send them money for some questionable reason. All of these scam ask that you send them money using Moneygram or similar (Walmart is a newer way) cause they know once you send the money there is no way to track them. Once it is out there it is gone. I told one that I would send them the money through paypal and all i got was the run around. See Paypal has strict rules on accounts and they need to verify you before you can have an active account with them. Paypal also will reimburse you if you get scammed or hacked while they chase the person.


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When adding friends that you know you do not really know but you have mutual friend just remember be more careful. I would also add in to avoid the facebook pages that show some female half naked on them all the time. At least check the profile and make sure it is real person. See if all they post is naked images and links to naked images. Some of these scammers are more thorough and take the time to create believable profiles. Okay you added them now make comments see if they respond to yours or any other Joe’s comments. Especially if they message you about something they are doing. Always respond and ask legit questions about what it is they are doing. The response or non-response will tell volumes. Once you deemed them unfit report them and unfriend in that process. It is crazy the commenting I see on these type of facebook profiles. You have guys (yes it is usually guys) commenting their phone numbers for this so called female to call them. I watch it go down for awhile and then I start commenting with stuff about the scam and I eventually get unfriended. haha. Okay I know about trolling not being good but in this case I troll on these facebook profiles cause trolling convos does stick in people’s memory. Oh also some profile post  image of different females. Chances are the poster is not even female….   Last year I unfriended and commented on one such profile because I got notified of one of my friend being on instagram and when I checked instagram it was a dude. I guess they forgot about that little feature. lol